Monday, 7 September 2009

A Little Late...Devon Doodles

Whilst on holiday in South Devon we visited Saltram House in Plymouth. In the kitchen were lots and lots of copper jelly moulds of all shapes and sizes. I pity them that they didn't have a frog shaped one like I have. Still, a rather impressive collection.

A few days later we paid a visit to Powderham castle. A lovely estate and house (a bit on the small side compared to what I'm used to) and to top it off - a secret garden with animals running loose!


  1. Congratulation Rebecca! The world enjoys your artwork - it's REBECCALICIOUS...
    I love it and I can see
    I am a part of your BirdFamily,
    the Goose.
    Guess who I am?!

  2. Hmm...I think I may know who you are! (Although admittedly I already knew because my mum told me you'd left a message!)
    Thanks for taking a look at my work :)