Monday, 3 October 2011


Head over to Klectar TODAY, where you will find this image of mine for sale.

Have a looksie!

Here's the blurb to accompany:

Like Apple research and developers trying to innovate and stylise the way we communicate, these birds are reinventing transportation for baby birds.

This piece was originally an entry for a competition with the theme ‘we succeed together’. Rebecca says: ‘I wanted to have a simple but narrative idea in it and the result is quite ‘uplifting’. The idea in the brief for the competition was that the image should be motivational, but I think it can also be read as a bit of a joke — the birds here probably haven’t thought things through as there’s probably many an easier solution to transport the chick’.

This reminds us of the adage, ‘For every good idea there are ten bad ones’ but at least this little chickee can travel in style. And let’s just hope it took advantage of the Young Birdie’s Travelcard discount.

The GiclĂ©e print is first hand-drawn using watercolours, pencils and oil pastels, then manipulated with Photoshop. ‘First Flight’ is printed on Somerset velvet, and it measures 42cm x 25cm.

Postage and packaging

The print will be mailed unframed and rolled in a cardboard tube.

It will be sent via Royal Mail 1st class within the UK.

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